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For over 30 years, Triodetic has been providing the only real alternative foundation solution for buildings located on unstable soils, such as permafrost regions, and those subject to frequent flooding.

The Triodetic foundation consists of an engineered steel or aluminum rigid platform which sits on the top of the soil itself and keeps the building level and straight regardless of soil heaving and settling due to frost or sinking. Unlike piles or screw jacks, which always move and shift over time causing structural damage, the Triodetic foundations never allow damage to the integrity of the building and never require maintenance.

The Triodetic foundation also comes in heights ranging from 3' to 8' in height allowing the building to remain above any flood waters. Deployed all over Alaska, the Canadian North, Russia, Norway, as well as San Francisco, the Triodetic foundation is a proven solution.

The Multipoint Foundation System has been successfully used in even the worst soil conditions.

  • Cost competitive to alternative foundations
  • Typical assembly with hand tools in 1 day
  • No need for excavation, piers, piles, concrete
  • Pre-engineered for each building plan
  • Durable Galvanized Steel & Aluminum
  • Securely anchored against wind forces
  • Uniformly supports & stiffens the building
  • Frame easily modified for future additions
  • Used in both new & retrofit applications
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Our Specifications

Multipoint Foundations was developed in response to continued demand for a foundation strong enough to withstand the rigors of flooding, permafrost and other variable soils. We developed an innovative building foundation that is economical, fast and easy to construct, suitable for any ground condition and any building plan. Our foundation frames are structurally proven and affordable ALTERNATIVE that has been successfully used for over 35 years. Housing and construction authorities in areas such as Alaska, Russia, and Northern Canada have all relied on Multipoint Foundations to provide solid solutions for areas that experience shifting and changing terrain.


MULTIPOINT has been developed for any structure that is situated on weak, unstable, variable soils or in flood prone regions. By providing a rigid platform to build on, MULTIPOINT acts as a floating slab, so racking of the home and resulting damage to building is eliminated. This effectively extends building life and so maximizes the value of material used, reduces maintenance and insurance costs. Making it economical in terms of both initial and life cycle costs.


  • Permafrost & unstable soil
  • Structural beam framing can be included in foundation design
  • Retrofits for existing foundation issues
  • Home Relocation from problematic sites
  • Minimal site preparation & can be placed on native soil
  • Gravel pad and timber pads are not required in most circumstances


MULTIPOINT is a galvanized steel and aluminum, 3 dimensional, reinforced space frame. MPF provides uniform support to any building, regardless of most soil conditions. A galvanized finish gives long life corrosion protection to tubing, base plates, saddle brackets and washers. Hotels, Maintenance Garages, Hospitals and Power generating equipment are just a few of the structures that have been built with our system. With a capacity of 33,000 lbs. per base plate, MULTIPOINT Foundation can support heavy commercial multi story buildings.



  • No heavy equipment required
  • Can be assembled with simple hand tools
  • Compact shipping, shipped in crates to remote areas
  • Installation is undertaken by local labor
  • Designed as a floating slab
  • Frame can be extended in any direction


A flat and level platform is the key to setting up modular units, MULTIPOINT provides a perfect base to rest modular buildings on and with our quick assembly the crews can build the foundation just prior to the home being delivered. A typical modular unit foundation of 1500 sqft to 2000 sqft can be assembled by 3 workers in 1 day, using simple hand tools. The frame is delivered to site as a compact kit for easy hand assembly. Now the Foundation is part of the cost of the Modular unit and not an issue as far as installation timing and quality.


  • Triodetic MPF system can accommodate any shape and design layout.
  • The MPF is a perfect solution for sloped terrain & can be installed above or below grade


Elevating your structure above the flood plain is a key factor in reducing the risk of flood damage. MPF can be used in new construction or existing retrofits to reinstate deteriorated foundations where concrete or piles have been used. Foundation frame heights can be custom designed to the require flood level but will also add to the rigidity of the system for the structure and give comfort to the home owner that they will be protected if or when a flood occurs.


  • Depth of frame to suit flood plain criteria
  • Concrete slab (used in flood plain regions only)
  • Structural frame and building become one homogeneous unit
  • Multipoint frame is designed to resist wind and seismic activity


MULTIPOINT avoids the need for site excavation, ground leveling, piling and/or concrete and masonry construction. The system can be used to replace deteriorated conventional concrete foundations or where piles have been used with minimal disruption. Jacking or elevating the existing structure, then fast assembly of MULTIPOINT below, can turn a deteriorating home back into a valuable structure. Other benefits include lower foundation cost and faster construction in many cases, no delay in waiting for special equipment in remote areas, and no damage to the surrounding environment by heavy equipment or alterations to the natural topography.


  • We provide conceptual design & proposal drawings
  • Preliminary costing of viable alternatives
  • Detailed design and construction drawings