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The Triodetic foundation consists of an engineered steel or aluminum rigid platform which sits on the top of the soil itself and keeps the building level and straight regardless of soil heaving and settling due to frost or sinking. Unlike piles or screw jacks, which always move and shift over time causing structural damage, the Triodetic foundations never allow damage to the integrity of the building and never require maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

  • Cost competitive
  • Quick assembly, no welding
  • Pre-engineered building plan
  • Durable steel & aluminum
  • Frame easily modified
  • New or existing buildings
  • Anchored against winds
  • Uniformly supports

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Multipoint Foundations was developed in response to continued demand for a foundation strong enough to withstand the rigors of flooding, permafrost and other variable soils. We developed an innovative building foundation that is economical, fast and easy to construct, suitable for any ground condition and any building plan. Our foundation frames are structurally proven and affordable alternative that has been successfully used for over 35 years. Housing and construction authorities in areas such as Alaska, Russia, and Northern Canada have all relied on Multipoint Foundations to provide solid solutions for areas that experience shifting and changing terrain.

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A flat and level platform is the key to setting up modular units, Multipoint provides a perfect base to rest modular buildings on and with our quick assembly.

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Elevating your structure above the flood plain is a key factor in reducing the risk of flood damage and can be used in new construction or existing retrofits.

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Multipoint avoids the need for site excavation, ground levelling, piling and/or concrete and masonry construction. The system can be used to replace deteriorated conventional concrete foundations or where piles have been used with minimal disruption.

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Multipoint has been developed for any structure that is situated on weak, unstable, variable soils or in flood prone regions. By providing a rigid platform to build on.

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Multipoint is a galvanized steel and aluminum, 3 dimensional, reinforced space frame and provides uniform support to any building, regardless of most soil conditions.

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Oil, Gas and Mine Camps

A flat and level platform is the key to setting up camp units, Multipoint provides a perfect base to rest modular buildings on with our quick assembly.

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University of Alaska

"Their customer service is prompt and very understanding; I really could not ask more from a company. Thank you Triodetic, you make a great product and I am thankful to work with such professionals."

- Hank Statscewich|University of Alaska Fairbanks
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Post office

" The product itself has performed to, or above expectations. The Triodetic Team was integral in the engineering, design and delivery of the foundation package.We look forward to continued dealings with Triodetic and the use of the MultiPoint Foundation."

- Larry Fisher|Til Cho Construction
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The Globe and Mail: As climate change threatens Canada's infrastucture, builders look for resilient soultions.

MAy 25, 2023

For years, Han Gartner was tried of scraping the mud off the floor of his cottage. In 2017 and 2019, his dwelling on Kedey's Island in Fitzroy Harbour, Ont. flooded, leaving him to clean, disinfect and dry out what was left of it. And dispite all the trouble it took him to redo it each spring, he couldn't afford what he thought was the only alternative: a concrete foundation...He found a soultion, however, after he saw a TV segment about Mulitpoint Foundations, located just 15-minutes away from Fitzroy Harbour...

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The Globe and Mail: From First Nations architects, a new vision for Northern housing

December 3, 2021

Resilient Duplex (on Multipoint Foundations) for Fort Severn First Nation wins Canadian Architect’s 2021 Award of Excellence.

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West Carleton Online: Harbour flood victims lift historic cottage

June 2020

We were there to see the progress as the Gartners, CDS Construction and Triodetic MultiPoint Foundations raise the historic cottage several feet above its original height to protect the cottage from potential future flooding.

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West Carleton Online: Lifting homes above the floods

April 2020

Triodetic Multipoint Foundations has been using their patented system to build large, open-spaced buildings since the 1960s such as airport hangars and giant dust domes for the mining industry – buildings without pillars – and has now moved their innovative patent in to creating foundations for homes that need a stable footing, or perhaps a bit of a lift in times of flooding.

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FNHC: Fort Severn First Nations is awarded Community Housing Recognition Award 2020 for the innovative use of the Triodetic Building System

February 2020

Through the support of Indigenous Services Canada Budget 2016 funding, Fort Severn implemented the use of the innovative Triodetic Building System. Utilizing this system Fort Severn has constructed new duplex houses that are able to withstand the changing permafrost and maintain a stable foundation.

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InsideOttawaValley.com 'The beauty of this solution': Horton homeowner gets help from Arnprior company

December 26, 2019

One local company has a unique solution to a recurring natural disaster. The 2017 and 2019 floods affected many homes, especially those right on the Ottawa River. To prevent any further damages, Arnprior construction company Triodetic Multipoint Foundation has developed a system to raise homes located within the flood zone.

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CTV News: 'Like an insurance policy': foundation system designed to prevent flood damage

December 12, 2019

Following the devastating floods of 2017 and 2019, an Arnprior company says it has a solution that will prevent damage to homes in flood-prone areas. “The system is designed to help the homeowner keep his property in case of future flooding,” says Peter Chabursky with Triodetic Multipoint Foundations. “It’s like an insurance policy.”

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Arnprior Chronicle Guide: HAVE YOUR SAY: Arnprior company could save flooded homes.

June 4, 2019

An Arnprior business may have a solution to save homes from future spring flooding.Triodetic, a subsidiary of Plaintree Systems in the town’s industrial park, makes a “multipoint foundation” from steel or aluminum rods connecting to specially-designed connector poles. They’ve built the floating foundations for flood zone customers from as far away as San Francisco and are in talks with others as near as Mississippi Lake. Lawrence Morroni sees it as a solution for what could be a recurring phenomenon along the Ottawa and other area rivers.

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CBC News: This technology could save your home from flooding - if you are OK with no basement.

May 18, 2019

'Triodetic' tubular foundations are impervious to water flow. An Arnprior, Ont., company that manufactures special foundations for buildings in the far north says the technology could be a solution for homeowners facing repeated flooding here.

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MODULAR ADVANTAGE: Relocatable Transitional Housing Projects Wins MBI's Best of Show for Horizon North Logistics.

April 2019

The reusable reconfigurable design and multipoint foundation system allows for the entire building - from ramps to recycling containers and paving stones - to be demobilized and reassembled at another site in the future at a fraction of the time and cost of constructing a new building.

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Innovation:MODULAR HOUSING: Engineering solutions for British Columbians experiencing homelessness.

April 2018

The urgency of the problem made modular construction which involves building individuals units in a factory and then transporting them to the site for the final assemble, a natural choice. According to manufacturers modular constructions is 30 to 50 percent faster and often less expensive then conventual construction methods.

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